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In The Beginning – There Were Balloons

The Beginnings of Balloons OK, so we don’t use pig bladders any more to make balloons! (That actually happened in the 14th Century.) Modern day toy balloons, as they’re called, can be traced back to Michael Faraday, who invented the first rubber balloon in the early...

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Helium; Latex or Mylar, The Sad Reality

Helium; Latex or Mylar, The Sad Reality. If you’re concerned about your return on investment in terms of outdoor or indoor balloon displays, or the investment of time you or your staff waste in filling, re-filling, setting up and taking down the displays, this post...

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Attract More Customers with an Outdoor Balloon Display

Attract More Customers with an Outdoor Balloon Display You can make those sales! But first you need to get customers into your business. You've done your marketing, and now you’re advertising in several different ways: email campaigns, electronic and paper flyers, and...

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Say No to Latex and Foil Balloons!

Say No to Latex and Foil Balloons! People are increasingly aware of environmental concerns, of doing their part to help our sensitive ecosystem, and of helping everyone to avoid harmful substances. Such concerns apply just as much, if not more, to balloons. Consider...

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Shiny Objects – Now, More than Ever

Shiny Objects – Now, More than Ever. When we were children, we were fascinated with balloons for many reasons. That fascination for most of us extended into our adult years. Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following reasons balloons still grab our...

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Who let the balloons out?

Who Let The Balloons Out? You know you can make that sale if you could just get the customer inside! Our outdoor balloons - firmly anchored, with permanent shine, that stay inflated for months – are the perfect solution! At Dynamic Balloons, an all-Canadian company,...

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