dy·nam·ic – What’s In A Name?

expressing a positive action, activity, event, or process.

What’s in a name? There’s a reason we call our balloons “dynamic!” Our proudly Canadian company, established in 2017, is here to serve and service your industry with our non-helium, multi-purpose collection of balloons and balloon displays. We have the products and service plans to fit your needs, and your budget.

Annual Subscription Plans
You want perfectly inflated balloons; right? And the best-in-the-business, flexible service plans? And coverage from Ajax to Elliot Lake? Our 12-month service plans guarantee to deliver. We’ll set things up for you, provide expert service on a regular basis, and take things down again. Our annual plans come with a 100% guarantee for perfect inflation all year ‘round. We have plans for all year displays or that special sales event. Click here to be taken directly to our Web-based form. Just fill in a few fields, tell us what you have in mind, and click Submit. One of our expert team members will get back to you with more information.

Sales Events
It’s about drawing people in. You know how to do the rest. You need something to add excitement to your special event. And you definitely need something that will help convert to sales. From colourful and dynamic Bouquets, to any of the following, and more:

• 3- or 5-Balloon Clusters, 7- or 9-Foot Towers for floor displays
• 1-, 2-, or 4-Layer or 12-Balloon Clusters for ceiling displays

And we want you to exercise your right to have a choice of colours, from seasonal to custom. In addition to our expert on-site service, you get deflate-proof, dynamically colourful balloons. No contract necessary!

Outdoor Balloons
We all know what Canadian winters are like. With the hint of colder temperatures already in the air, you don’t have to imagine how great it would be to have winter balloons specially engineered for extreme temperatures, wind, or snow. They’re here. We have them.

Passers-by are missed sales opportunities. You want to grab attention from the street, so they’ll come in and see what you have to offer. Our products won’t blow away at the slightest breeze, or even major gust. (See our video, here, of a colourful 5-balloon cluster on a very windy day.) These are great for store fronts, or in your dealer lot.

In terms of outdoor balloons, we offer Long Pole displays, Light Post displays and our exclusive 5’ GIANT Balloons.

Dealers: do you need something truly special? This: an 18” all weather balloon mounted on a fibre glass stem and metal pole. Yes, we offer special imprinting too!

GIANT Balloons – For Car Dealerships
Look, up the air… it’s a giant balloon that has magically wrapped itself around a light standard! When you really want to get someone’s attention, someone potentially on their way to see you, there’s nothing like Dynamic Balloon’s 5-foot diameter GIANT balloon! It’s a one-of-a-kind service in Canada. Towering above the rest, 20-feet in the air, this balloon can easily be seen at a distance. We guarantee this display will look great for at least three months, and it comes with its own service plan.

Interested in our service plans?

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