The Dynamic Difference

Too many companies claim their product or service is more unique than others. That is rarely backed up by facts. Often, the ‘real thing’ turns out to be both costly and inferior.

Here are some facts about our company and balloons:

  • Our balloons are deflate-proof by design.
  • Our balloons have engineered shine. We don’t use cheap Latex for that.
  • Our outdoor displays endure any weather. They’re made for all seasons. They get people’s attention from the street, and draw them into your business.
  • Our service plans cover everything for you, from consultation, to design, to onsite installation.
  • Our service and our balloons are 100%, no-hassle, guaranteed.
The Dynamic Difference is that our colourful, deflate-proof and expertly designed displays will help bring people into your business and give them a cheerful buying experience. The shiny object – our balloons, which have an engineered shine – are our bottom line. They do their job 24/7/365 so you can focus your bottom line.

Our plans look after you like no others. They complement and reinforce your branding. They stay inflated, unlike cheaply made, but often more expensive products. Their lasting brilliance and worry-free installation ensure that while you’ll enjoy looking at them too, you’ll be able to keep your eye on sales.

Our GIANT Balloons, by the way, firmly fastened high in the air, can be seen for blocks away! What better attention-getter than a visible, colourful, 5-foot balloon on your lot?

Here’s what you get by choosing the Dynamic difference:

  • Our transparent, no-hassle guarantee
  • The reliability of our service schedule through our unique turnkey solution
  • Balloons that attract people from the street, or even blocks away
  • A product with an engineered shine, deflate proof by design
  • Premium balloons, service, and results
Great product, and great service. We have used them for display balloons for 2 years now and we couldn’t be happier. Beautiful looking balloons that last. The service we have received has been top shelf. They have made a great effort to ensure our satisfaction.