Frequently Asked Questions

Will your balloons last longer than the current ones I have on display?
Yes, that’s our guarantee!

Our Company

  1. We offer a full-service solution, from initial consultation, to design, to completing the installation
  2. We perform regular, scheduled service visits, ensuring we do not disturb your workflow, operations, or sales
  3. You will never experience deflated, sad, or cheap balloons
  4. Our displays create a constant, cheerful, and happy sales environment for your customers
  5. We are the only balloon company in Canada to offer a full guarantee

We service several large and diverse industries, including:

  • Automobile dealerships
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Real estate developers and agents
  • Educational institutes
  • Telecommunication and retail supply stores
  • And more

We cater and supply our balloon displays toward:

  • Grand openings
  • Conferences and major trade shows
  • Sales events
  • And more

Rising to the occasion!

  1. We are the only showroom service in this country using balloons which are deflate-proof by design
  2. We never use Latex or foil (Mylar) balloons
  3. Our balloons have a permanent shine, engineered – they never look chalky
  4. Only balloon company to offer a full guarantee on service and products
  5. We save you money: there are no hidden or additional fees added throughout the year to our annual plans
What could be better – the best in fact – than for your showroom or place of business than to know you have a worry-free balloon display?

Hurry, Hurry, the Show’s About to Begin!

  1. Our balloons are high quality, luxurious looking, and have an engineered shine that highlight your extraordinary products and space
  2. Our displays, complementing your event, are there only when you need them to be
  3. Our products add to your premium space: they’re not cheap or flimsy, they will not deflate, they don’t get chalky, and they enhance your environment
  4. You get onsite delivery, full assembly and installation, and removal included in our service
    1. You won’t have to waste your time fishing balloons down from the ceiling, or scraping up old Latex remains from your showroom floor
  5. Your luxurious automobiles, other products or offerings are complemented with outstanding, brilliantly shiny balloons

The Weather Outside is Frightful…

  1. Unique to Dynamic Balloons in Canada, we offer the only balloons engineered for any kind of weather – our balloons last months a time
  2. We securely fasten our balloons using secure fibreglass stems are submerged in the ground, and the balloon displays are literally screwed into the stems
  3. Windy days work in your favour: the fibreglass stems swing and wave back and forth, continually attracting attention
  4. The only company in Canada to offer a full guarantee for outdoor balloon displays – you will not find this with any other business
  5. As with our other plans, you have our no-hassle promise that you or your staff will never have to touch, move, or service our balloons
Our balloons will not fly away on you! They will stay in place, in any weather, to keep attracting attention to your business.

There's a Giant here!

  1. All our outdoor balloon displays attract attention, but nothing compares to the 5-Foot GIANT:
    1. Exclusive to Dynamic Balloons, this huge, 5-foot in diameter balloon is securely fastened 20 feet high
    2. Customers will see this balloon from blocks away
  2. Our GIANT balloons come imprinted with the word SALE on them in complementary colours:
    1. Red or blue balloons with white imprinting, white balloons with red or blue imprinting
  3. Our guarantee on this jumbo outdoor balloon is the only such guarantee in Canada, unmatched by anyone else