Outdoor plans

The number of customers that walk into your showroom, store, or business can be increased when you have a beautiful, vibrant outdoor balloon display. Our rental plans for outdoor all-weather balloons bring people indoors.

We make your business visible from the street.

Whether single balloon displays or clusters, we have colours to match the season, your branding, your theme or event.

Unlike more common, poor quality balloons–made from Latex, filled with non-renewable Helium–our balloons won’t need replacing every few days. In fact, they are guaranteed to stay inflated for months. They don’t get dusty or chalky like lesser-quality balloons do, they’re securely fastened to stay in place, and our colour choices are amazing: grey, green, teal, silver, and more.

To view many of our different outside display examples online, we invite you to look through our Outdoor Display photos.

Typical balloons are lacklustre balloons. They are expensive to maintain and need to be replaced often. That usually translates to your salespeople taking time from selling to do the work that we will do. Dynamic Balloons has a tested, three-point plan in place where we do everything for you:


Our design team visits your business and consults with you to decide the best plan and placement for your displays.


We deliver the balloons and display kits, set them up for you on-site, and make sure they’re secure against all types of weather.


Quality control and inspections ensuring your balloons are always looking great!

Our outdoor balloon presentations fit your environment and space.

This means we’ll carefully determine not just the best placement, but the optimal display: from ground mounts to brackets to weighted bases. We have solutions to meet your needs, suited to any location. Speaking of environment; our non-Latex, non-Helium balloons are more eco-friendly.

Our subscription plans take the hassle away and offer a terrific ROI. Additionally, we have arrangements for special occasions like new product launches, or one-of-a-kind sales events. Special extras include printing or logos on the balloons.

We have a fantastic product, are unique in Canada, and we’re ready to get that next colourful, attractive display set up outside your business.


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