Special events plans

Do you need something special, magical, for that upcoming promotion, celebration, or company event? Dynamic Balloons offers no-contract events plans.
We have a deflate-proof design that’s engineered to shine.

Colourful and attractive balloons, with displays created for you by our design team, create cheerful, happy, festive atmospheres. You don’t have to do any of the work, as we do the entire setup and takedown for you, and the balloons will do the rest!

Our company also provides you with a more environmentally friendly solution: our balloons do not use Helium, an expensive and scarce commodity, nor do we use Latex. While you and your clients, prospects, or employees are enjoying our customized, eye-catching displays, you get the added benefit of feeling better about doing your part to preserve our fragile ecosystem.

Here’s a sampling of the types of events we create balloon displays for:

Festive displays for holidays of all kinds.

The next holiday or celebration is just around the corner, and we’re ready to supply you with dynamic balloon displays for that next occasion you’re planning to commemorate.

Special sales events.

Do something different! We’re experts in sales events, large or small, and can ensure our displays complement the sales environment you need. We can help you bring your sales to the next level.

The four seasons.

We’re embracing the uniqueness of the seasons with you and have beautiful colour themes for each of them.

Go team, go! Raptors’ fan?

These days you have reason to celebrate! Whether Leafs’, Jays’, Arrows’, or another sports fan, we can help you capture your team spirit.

We encourage you to browse through our gallery to see what we’ve already done, and perhaps give you some ideas you can use.

You’ll see various colourful tower or ceiling displays and how sparkling our displays look in real showrooms. Automotive dealers love us. We know we can do for you or your company what we do for them daily.

Remember, you do not have to sign a contract to have what you need. No hassle is meant in every way: from your first contact with us, to an on-site visit by our design, to installation, maintenance if needed, and take down. We do it all.


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