Attract More Customers with an Outdoor Balloon Display

Attract More Customers with an Outdoor Balloon Display

You can make those sales! But first you need to get customers into your business.

You’ve done your marketing, and now you’re advertising in several different ways: email campaigns, electronic and paper flyers, and so on. Great, those should net you some customers. You need customers in your door. There is another way.

Colourful, all-weather balloons, you say? “Yes!”

The Outdoor Effect brings the curious and the customer alike indoors. Once they’re in your showroom or other retail space, well, that’s when you work your magic. In terms of the balloons, let us work our magic the Dynamic way! Our clients feel the same way about our displays as well:

“A huge thank you to Dynamic Balloons on transforming our showroom. The entire process was easy and fast!”

We’re an all-Canadian company. We know about weather. We also know how to ensure your investment doesn’t blow away in the wind, become sad and deflated, or lose its brilliance. Our balloons have an engineered shine; it lasts. We also understand you don’t want the same old colours, month in and out, and that you may want to add in text imprinting on your balloons. We have you covered in every way: beautiful blues, great greens, real reds and even more luxurious colours like black, silver, and gold. All our balloons are securely fastened to the right kind of stems, brackets – or in the case of our 5-foot Jumbo Balloons – several feet above the ground to a lamppost. The Jumbos can attract people from blocks away. You don’t have to raise a finger, as they do your advertising 24/7, day in and out.

Attracting more customers by using outdoor balloon displays is done in consultation with our specialists. Here’s what you can expect:

1. It begins with a phone call to 1-888-866-0608, or by filling out our web form.
2. Next, our expert design team with meet with you onsite and at your convenience. We’ll strategize and come up with a plan that fits your space and your brand. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space… we always have something that will fit your business.
3. We inflate the balloons onsite (no, we don’t use Helium) and install the displays for you.
4. If any maintenance is required, we’re just a phone call away. And better news: all of our annual subscriptions include free change-over every season.
5. We’ll take the displays down, and pack things up!

Attracting both prospect and buyer into your business is … a tricky business. Let us use our magic to help you do this, while you use your magic to sell.

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