Shiny Objects – Now, More than Ever

Shiny Objects – Now, More than Ever.

When we were children, we were fascinated with balloons for many reasons. That fascination for most of us extended into our adult years. Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following reasons balloons still grab our attention:

Magic! Balloons seem lighter than air, magically floating in their environment.
Colour. A massive ‘explosion’ of colour catches our attention every time. It stands out and is different from what we normally see. It grabs our attention!
Contrast. Whether an automotive dealer lot or customer parking, balloons stand out and draw attention to your business.
Fun. For most of us, balloons create a festive, fun, joyful atmosphere. So much so, that they can change our minds about whether we’re going to do business.
Shiny Objects. This is a lot like “fun”, but we’re including it as a distinct point because balloons draw our attention from our normal routine and says ‘hey, look at me!’

Your overall investment in marketing and promotion should include outdoor and indoor balloon displays. Our annual subscription plans are very reasonable, but your return on investment can be quite large. There’s no doubt: balloons are eye-catching. They can help your customers make the distinction between your marketing efforts and your brand. In fact, Dynamic Balloons colours will match your brand. Our bright balloons have an engineered shine that won’t fade, and they’re maintenance free for you: we do everything, including changing-up displays for current seasons, special sales, and other events. Our ‘shiny objects’, designed to fit your environment and space, are effective.

Shiny objects are attention-getters. Our outdoor balloon displays will grab your customers attention, and when they come inside, the fun, cheer, and delight will be there too, with indoor displays. And the displays we create for you, your company, and your brand are not the flash-in-the-pan variety: they are 24/7 advertising tools. Our balloons always do their job, providing a cheerful, enjoyable environment.

For extras, we can add imprinting to your balloons.

When people see balloons, they know there’s a celebration going on. Start with a giant balloon in your lot, or balloons at your front door, and potential customers are going to be intrigued enough to step inside. People associate balloons with all sorts of occasions, and feel they mean there’s a great sale going on. They’ll remember your business through the brand awareness that our dynamic balloon displays help create.

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