Normal Balloons vs. Dynamic Balloons

Normal Balloons vs. Dynamic Balloons

Sad, deflated, lackluster balloons, overextending their limited shelf life, dust falling on the floor. Not good. An eyesore at best; a waste of your investment and time. At Dynamic Balloons, we don’t offer that kind of product. We have something durable and different!

No one else uses non-Helium, non-Latex balloons but us. A bold statement? We can back it up.

Dynamic Balloons are filled with air, by us, when our experts do any installation for you. Our subscription plans are guaranteed. Regular balloons use, at an ever-increasing price, Helium. Well, Helium is a rare, non-replenishable gas. You may have noticed this: the price has increased hundreds of percent recently. And for some, there’s even a surcharge on Helium. Further, it has to be handled carefully. Balloons inflated with Helium deflate quickly.

What about Latex for the balloons? Not as biodegradable as is often touted in casual, non-scientific studies. In fact, Latex balloons – wherever they might land when they just float away (our outdoor balloons are securely fastened and rarely float away on you) – are great hazards to wildlife. Looking for food, some animals eat them. And they die. There’s also that tangle of string or cord to be aware of, a problem for Hydro lines and wildlife alike. They’re chalky, they’re cheap, and they’re strong contenders for the next landfill.

Our balloons are engineered to shine. They’re always bright and cheery. They stay inflated for a long time; never tired. They don’t sag, get dusty, or lose their charm.

You will never see balloons shine like ours do; consistently. One customer recently remarked:

“I never gave balloons a second thought until I saw yours!”

Our outdoor balloons are all-weather balloons. Ask us about our Jumbo balloon! They help bring customers in, and once inside, a nice ceiling or tower display will keep that warm and inviting environment going, freeing you up to sell your product or service.

All our balloons are multiuse, and our design team can help make the difference between just a balloon display versus one that is strategically placed, suits the space it’s in, and draws attention to your product, service, company, or organization . Whether for that special sale or event, or for every day of the year, we cater to the season, sale, or event you need to be successful.

What else is different about Dynamic Balloon rental and subscription programs?

 ROI, plain and simple.

We feel our expertly arranged balloon displays, done onsite, give you more bang for your buck. We come in and do the set-up and take-down. And that’s after our design team meets with you to come up with the best arrangements possible!

If you’re about to decide on investing in that next balloon display, we urge you to experience our difference. We will work with you, whatever your outdoor needs are, whatever your retail environment, large or small, business, corporate, or education. Our rentals and subscriptions are guaranteed and maintained by us. We’re responsive to your needs, will be there when you need us. You’ll have a truly brilliant, useful, long-lasting product to suit your needs.

Give us a call at 1-888-866-0608. Let’s start the conversation.

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